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Last Update: 28 Nov 2022

Download AWalk MOD APK Unlimited Unlocked all and be the best player in your favorite game. Get all features unlocked ( STARTER PACK, SINGLE PACK, UNLOCK 490 LEVELS, UNLOCK 2450 LEVELS, GET ALL THE THINGS, Skip current level,), our mod is easy to use, is working on all android devices, simply go to download page and follow the steps to get your mod installed.

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Remake of the logic game JWalk, that was released by us for the Palm OS platform and popular for more than 15 years ago! The water pipe game consists of more than 2500 + free different levels of complexity and offers you addictive game process where you will need to find a way out of any situation. Unlike the classic games with the technique plumber or pipes – AWalk (initially published as the NetWalk) assumes not the only one a logical way for connecting parts.

Simple rules of the game

On the playing field of 120 elements you need to build a functioning pipeline in different game settings gradually collecting all the systems of the house. Just rotate the various pipes by touching them and link them to the connecting elements. The number of moves is unlimited but bonuses don't earn themselves! Fewer mistakes — more stars and coins which you can use to open packages with completely new systems: cold, hot water, sewerage, electrics, ventilation, gas and computer network!

Unlimited time and available difficulty levels

On average, it takes from 1 to 7 minutes to complete a level, according to the level of difficulty. This is the best puzzle to play in the subway, bus, plane or in the back seat of a car. Just collect puzzles against the background of stunning music and beautiful background which was created algorithmically for each level.

Is there no way out? No problem! The game provides two types of game hints and highlighting already connected elements as well. You can always pass the level again or use the cancellation of the last made moves by taking your actions back a few steps.

Special author mode "Nightmare"

In Nightmare mode the playing field is infinitely looped in a circle. Game elements- pipes, switches, valves, taps, stoves can be logically connected through over the edge of the screen to the opposite side. This game mode is a challenge for those who are used to overcome difficulties.

Is my game progress saving?

AWalk game saves all your achievements in the cloud, and you can always continue the game from the same place where you left off last time. You can collect puzzles on your phone in the car and continue to solve puzzles with pipes and wires on your tablet at home.

Can I compete with my friends?

The game has an achievement system and game ratings which available in the main menu. Compete in the ideal passage of game and get game achievements. AWalk puzzle perfectly develops attention and logic and this is always a reason for pride.

Can I play the game for free?

AWalk is a completely free game, and you don't need to pay anything to play it. All 2500 + levels will be available for free and open new ones are very easy: just spend the earned bonuses.

There is not advertisement between levels in this game! Absolutely!

We play computer games too and we are also annoyed by tiresome advertisement which developers push everywhere they can. We have weighed all the pros and cons and made the difficult decision to refuse to advertising and give you the opportunity to fully enjoy the meditative game. Do you support our decision? Please unlock any level pack via in-app purchase.
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Last Update: 28 Nov 2022