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HAZE ALERT: Have you got what it takes to escape the vape?

Big tobacco spends big money on addicting kids to nicotine products, from vape to cigarettes, and snus and chew. BeatNic Boulevard is the place to fight back. Using volunteers to stage rallies, concerts and even a circus, you’re in control of your town’s health and happiness. The healthier and happier, the more influence you have on who smokes what and in somewhere else.

>Watch vapers who look like zombies transform into healthy citizens
>Convert dirty, cartridge-filled parks into a perfect place for a concert
>Upgrade restaurants, apartments and schools into vape- and smoke-free zones
>Swap out billboards with lies with ads that tell the truth
>Make the right judgement calls and get rewarded
>Read tweets from your town reacting to your every move

In collaboration with Stanford Tobacco Prevention Toolkit, San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools developed BeatNic Boulevard to give kids some real world tools to “Beat Nic” by advocating for themselves, their community and to have some fun along the way.
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Last Update: 28 Nov 2022